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Alternate Governor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The State Congress of the Republic of San Marino, acting on the proposal made by the Secretary of State for Finance and Budget and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on 14 September 2023, adopted the decree appointing me as Alternate Governor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) representing the Republic of San Marino.

I am very honoured to be entrusted with such a significant appointment. As the Alternate Governor, I will be in a position to shape policies crucial to San Marino’s involvement with the EBRD, aligning with the bank’s mission of promoting market-oriented reforms, private sector development, and sustainability.

In this role, I will exercise the following functions:

  • Representation: I will represent San Marino, express and protect its best interest and offer my views in shaping the EBRD’s policies and activities.
  • Decision-Making Authority: On behalf of San Marino, I will exercise the authority to make crucial decisions, including changes in capital stock, appointment of Directors, and approval of the bank’s policies.
  • Oversight: I will ensure adherence to corporate governance principles, integrity, and conflicts of interest within the bank.
  • Capital Contribution: Based on instructions from the Minister of Finance, I will oversee San Marino’s capital contributions, vital for the bank’s operations and funding.
  • Engagement: It’s with great pleasure and responsibility that this position will offer me the opportunity to engage in discussions and negotiations with other member countries, shaping the EBRD’s strategies and priorities.
  • Committee Participation: I express my commitment to participate in various committees to delve into specific aspects of the EBRD’s operations.

The appointment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development reflects San Marino’s dedication to global cooperation and economic progress, positioning the Republic to play a pivotal role in the EBRD’s development and reconstruction efforts, even beyond Europe’s geographic boundaries. The EBRD’s membership has evolved over time to reflect changing geopolitical dynamics and the bank’s expanded mission. This has included the inclusion of countries from North Africa and the Middle East, which are not geographically part of Europe.

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