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Honours & Awards

King Husein Global Business & Intercultural Peace Award (2023)

I’m really happy to have been acknowledged as one of the global business leaders for my exceptional contribution in the field of social investment and philanthropy.

Global Thought Leader - Prof Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE

Global Thought Leader (2023)

A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded for my contribution to the World Business Angels Investment Forum. The Forum is an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion and took place on 19 – 25 June 2023.

Grand Officer of the Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha San Marino (2022)

This award is an upgrade of the previous award to duly recognise Dr Bragagni’s bravery, precious commitment and intensive activity carried out during the difficult period of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to assist San Marino.

OBE – Officer of the British Empire, London (2021)

It is with great satisfaction to announce that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has awarded the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) to Dr Maurizio Bragagni, Honorary Consul, with motivation “For Business and voluntary political service”. 

Commendatore dell’Ordine di Sant’agata (2020)

Maurizio Bragagni has been awarded Officer of the Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha in recognition of his merits during the Covid19 emergency relief to the Republic of San Marino. Former Captain Regent and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Dr Luca Beccari, handed the award at the presence of Mrs Alessandra Romeo in Bragagni.

Freeman of the City of London,  City of London (2020)

Dr Maurizio Bragagni received the appointment as Freeman of the City of London on the 15th of July 2020. The City of London maintains the ability to grant Freeman of the City as a living tradition. The City Freemen – and women – are drawn from a very broad cross-section of the population.

Attestato di Benemerenza, Banco di Solidarietà (2020)

Dr Bragagni has been awarded by the Calangianus’ Food Bank “Paola Tamponi” for having supported the Bank in its activities and for sharing the same Christian values in his entire professional and academic career.

Eccellenza Italiana (2019)

The Consul General of Italy in London, Dr Marco Villani, presented an award to the Italian entrepreneur Maurizio Bragagni, owner of the company Tratos, to honour a company with Italian roots able to pray the whole Italian System in the United Kingdom.

Highly Commended for: Director of the Year – Innovation (2019)

CEO and Chairman of Tratos UK, Dr Bragagni received the IoD’s Highly Commended Director of the Year, by Institute of Directors. As a passionate advocate of CPD for the company’s staff and a long-standing champion of continual learning, Bragagni praises this award

Queen’s Awards for Innovation (2019)

As CEO of Tratos UK Ltd, part of the Tratos Group, Dr Bragagni won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, by Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II in 2019 – the UK’s leading award for business. It was awarded for innovation in the development of the technologically advanced JBA® compound.

The IoD Director of the Year Award (2019) 

During the North West’s top business talent was celebration, the Innovation Director of the Year award being deservedly received by Dr Maurizio Bragagni, as CEO and Chairman of Tratos UK, part of Tratos Group.

Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (2018)

As Italian and British citizen in his early forties, Dr Bragagni has been appointed by the President of the Italian Republic in 2018, for the service to the Republic as CEO and Chairman of Tratos Ltd, one of the world’s leading companies in the production of high-tech industrial cables.

Regional North West EEF Manufacturing Awards for Innovation  (2018)

As CEO and Chairman of Tratos UK, global cable innovator, Dr Bragagni has been awarded the regional Innovation Award at the 2018 prestigious EEF Future Manufacturing Awards (then became Make UK) in the north-west.

Lloyd’s Register – Best Italian Client Award (2017)  

Dr Bragagni was awarded the Best Italian Client Award 2017 by Lloyd’s Register. The award was created with the aim of recognising the contribution and collaboration of key national customers, and was presented during a ceremony held in Rome.

International Business Leadership Prize from China for Liverpool Businessman  (2018)

International Business Leadership Prize from China has been awarded to Knowsley-based Tratos Ltd CEO Dr Maurizio Bragagni in Liverpool. The award recognises the people who contribute most to the relationship between China and the nations it trades with.

Knowsley Business and Regeneration Awards (2018)

Dr Bragagni celebrated success at the Knowsley Business and Regeneration Awards when Tratos UK received the award for Manufacturer of the Year. This recognised the creativity and hard work of individuals and the organisations that contribute towards the borough’s economic prosperity.

CERVED – Company to Watch Award (2017, 2016)

As CEO and Chairman of Tratos UK, Bragagni received for two years in a row the Company to Watch award from CERVED, the leading information and statistics source in Italy and one of Europe’s major rating agencies. The award recognises organisations which stand out within their sector.

Chinese Business Community’s Big Ben Awards – International Business Leadership Prize (2017)

The Big Ben Committee’s International Business Leadership Prize has been awarded to Knowsley-based Tratos Ltd CEO Dr Maurizio Bragagni. The award recognises the people who contribute most to the relationship between China and the nations it trades with.

Knowsley Business Awards – Manufacturer of the Year (2017)

As Tratos UK CEO and Chairman, Dr Bragagni has been awarded Manufacturer of the Year at the Knowsley Business Awards cerimony. This award recognises of the investments by Tratos in Knowsley operation and the on-going commitment and achievements of Tratos’ employees.

Knights Hospitaller Appointment (2017)

The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, an international organisation dedicated to helping people in need has recognised Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO and Chairman of Tratos, with an award of Knights Hospitaller.

Keynes Sraffa Award (2016)

Dr Bragagni was recognised for its ongoing commitment to promoting greater co-operation between Italy and the UK at the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual awards gala dinner in London. Bragagni stepped-up to receive the Keynes Sraffa Award from Leonardo Simonelli Santi, President of The Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK.

Knowsley Business Awards – Commercial Developer of the Year (2015)

As CEO and Chairman of Tratos UK, part of Tratos Group, Dr Maurizio Bragagni has been awarded Commercial Developer of the Year for his long-lasting commitment in expanding Knowsley-based Tratos’ business relationships around the world.

UK-Italy Business Award (2014)

As recognition for his long and fruitful career in the international business sector and the strong trade relation he strengthens between the two countries, Dr Bragagni received the UK-Italy Business Award from the British government Department of International Trade (DIT).


Dr Bragagni values Talent and acknowledges the importance of it. Maurizio outlines the importance of knowing the exact meaning of talent to appreciate what it exactly represents for the UK and Italy today.

This short passage from Dante expresses the medieval meaning of talent:

Intesi ch’a così fatto tormentoerano dannati i peccator carnaliche la ragion sommettono al talento”.
Such torment, as I learned, those souls acquire whose condemnation comes from mortal sin, subordinating reason to desire”.
Dante, Inferno, V, vv.37-39

But who, then, is a talented person?
Click here to read through Maurizio’s last reflections on the Value of Talent in in the Italian context.