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The Art & Science of Making the Impossible Possible

This book is about sharing Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE’s 47 years experience of working within a family business. 

Twenty years simply as a member of a family with a business, and another 27 within the business.  Forty-seven years is a long time to invest in learning about yourself and about business and, in particular, about the family business and all its joys, fun, rewards, leadership, challenges and frustrations. 

If this book can speed up that learning process for those who are working through the earlier stages of their careers, if it can help them identify problems and find solutions sooner, then that is not only useful for them, but my great pleasure to have been of help.

From Roman Invasion to unshakable Bond: The Ango Italian Relationship: A Constant Renaissance

This book charts British history through the eyes of the Italians who have contributed to shaping the country we live in today.  Prepare to be surprised, their impact has been far-reaching and enriching. From the Romans arriving with their road networks and establishing towns (including London, Leicester and York) to the impact of the Italian Renaissance and the rise of the British aristocracy’s ‘Grand Tour’ rite of passage in the 17th century, Italy has retained a special place within the heart of its island cousin.

Insight to Hindsight

This book is a collection of Dr Bragagni published insights across business, Britain, Brexit, the UK and Europe. It also opens a window on his passion for finding solutions – whether they’re creating the right answers for industries’ challenges or part of his own work to support charitable projects that help people lift themselves out of poverty through education. Dr Bragagni has a unique perspective of Britain, as both a British citizen and business leader.

Brexit Business Better Britain

This book maps the journey of my own thinking through a seismic year. It comprises a series of articles and speeches put together as we progressed through a landmark event for the UK and Europe – and started to get to grips with the ramifications of change on a world scale. While there may be apprehension in some quarters about what’s on the horizon, there should also be huge excitement as we watch the dawn of a new way of working, living and trading.