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The covid-19 pandemic, along with the need for wider thinking on the new concepts of economic development, has triggered people all over the world to seek stronger connections and solidarity. This has ignited a bigger and more urgent need around giving back to society.

Giving back is important, as it makes people stronger, builds hope and, with it, the prospect of a brighter future. Starting with small things like being there for a friend in need, or greater things, like helping realise the dream of building a new hospital in a remote area in Africa – there is a joy to be found in giving back to society.

When someone is stressed, or something terrible has happened, the natural human reaction is to reach out to a loved one, usually family members, for emotional support. When there is no family or the family is unable to help, other people can step in to support.

Giving back to society is nothing less than supporting people in need through their ups and downs, just as they will support others through theirs. Humans are one family.

The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated and it boosts the morale of the people involved. The secret of living a meaningful life?  Giving and sharing.

Giving back to society, having the desire to change people’s lives for the better and lifelong patronage of art resulted in the establishment of the Esharelife Foundation, which has a mission to share life in the digital era.