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A successful IEC-MSB meeting in London

As a longstanding member of the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB), I was pleased to arrange for the General Meeting to take place in London on the 18th & 19th of April 2023. 

During two intensive days of the meeting, the Chair of the MSB and IEC Vice President, Dr Kazuhiko Tsutumi, along with 14 IEC & MSB members, representing various leading electrotechnical industries all over the world, during a Tratos-hosted round table, were offered an opportunity to engage in constructive discussion about decarbonising the transport industry.

The round table benefited from a wide spectrum of participants, representing the UK government’s Department for Business and Trade, and key players in the cable, rail port, manufacturing, and utility sectors. This session facilitated a frank exchange of views and ideas, as well as highlighting the role of standards and IEC as enablers of free international trade, providing an understanding of what the business community wants from the regulators in addressing challenges and meeting the opportunities in achieving sustainable development and protecting the environment.

MSB members had the opportunity to hear from Mr Kevin Hollinrake MP – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business and Trade on the important role of standardisation, which has its origin in the UK, and what the UK government is doing in terms of achieving net zero emissions.

The meeting had a twofold positive outcome. First, it contributed to enhancing the understanding of the MSB members on various emerging industry needs for standardisation. Second, it contributed to putting the UK at the centre of discussions for the future work of the IEC. Overall, the meeting achieved its objectives and contributed to providing an enhanced panorama of future work of the IEC in terms of boosting cooperation among key players in the standardisation process for achieving net zero emissions targets.