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Bragagni Coat of Arms

I am happy to announce that as of the 09th of June 2023, I hold the patent of Bragagni’s Coat of Arms, issued by the College of Arms, London. This exciting news was worth the long wait. The process of the coat of arms issuance involved the approval by The Earl Marshal given during the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II and it was finalized during the reign of King Charles III.

The College of Arms ensured the accurate recording and preservation of my family symbols, safeguarding the identity of actual and future generations of the Bragagni family. Through its intricate design elements, including colours, symbols, and mottoes, the Bragagni Coat of Arms serves as a visual representation of my personal and the Bragagni family’s values, achievements, and aspirations.

The College of Arms is one of the few official heraldic authorities in the world. Its influence extends beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, as it serves as the heraldic authority for Commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Being established in 1484, it has remained the official heraldic authority throughout the centuries. It plays a significant role in preserving and granting coats of arms, ensuring the accuracy, legality, and symbolic value of these heraldic symbols. Through its historical and cultural importance, the College of Arms helps individuals and families maintain a connection to their heritage, proudly displaying their identity and achievements.

More details about the Bragagni Coat of Arms will become soon available on its dedicated website. Stay tuned!