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Congratulations to King Charles III & Queen Camilla

I join the people of the United Kingdom in expressing my most heartfelt congratulations to Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation.

It is with great joy and admiration that I extend my warmest wishes to the King on this momentous occasion. I and my wife cherish the moment when we had the pleasure of meeting the King and Queen Camilla during the anniversary of 100 years of the British Institute of Florence, where we were all present as communal patrons. It was an unforgettable experience, and I remember fondly the warmth and graciousness with which you received my wife and me.

I also had the privilege of meeting them both, albeit on a sad occasion, again during the funeral of Your beloved mother, and our gracious Queen Elizabeth II. I accompanied the head of State of San Marino then, and it was an honour to be in King’s presence during such a solemn occasion.

This coronation ceremony reminds us of the rich traditions and heritage that make the United Kingdom unique. From the legendary reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to the modern era of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarchy has remained a steadfast symbol of strength, stability, and tradition.

People of the United Kingdom have no doubt that King Charles III will prove to be a wise and capable leader, one who is committed to serving his people and upholding the values that have made the United Kingdom a beacon of hope and freedom around the world.

God Save the King!