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Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE speaks at 5th Annual Esharelife Gala Dinner

In his capacity as Chairman of the Esharelife Foundation, Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE addressed around 150 distinguished guests who gathered in London to celebrate another successful year.

Ambassadors, Patrons, Testimonials, Volunteers and Supporters of the Esharelife Foundation
from all over the world shared their experiences in supporting the Esharelife cause: free access to quality education in the most depressed areas.

This year, the 5th Annual Christmas Gala Dinner, celebrated the life and legacy of Father Giussani, the founder of AVSI and the person that influenced Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE to establish a charity foundation dedicated to the education of young people and name it as per Father Giussani’s words ”Life together and shared!”.

In his remarks, Dr Bragagni mentioned that this year we are celebrating 100 years from the birth of Father Giussani, 50 years of the AVSI activities in Kenya, and the 5th anniversary of the Esharelife Gala dinner. What all of these have in common is education. Further, he highlighted the role of Father Giussani in his life, the significance of education and some of the most important achievements of Esharelife during the year. He thanked guests for their continuous support of Esharelife, by being present, donating and sharing their time.

He invited guests to remember two important figures:

2980 – is the number of children the Esharelife Foundation is directly supporting and this number is increasing thanks to Esharelife supporters

£300is the amount of money needed to provide support for a child to attend a full academic year & extracurricular activities in a school premises. Just as little as £300 provide the gift of hope, set the children out of misery and brightens their future.

The Gala Dinner was an incredible success, as thanks to the generosity of Esharelife supporters, there were secured funds to deliver the AVSI projects, tailored to support around 3000 children in 11 schools in Kenya to complete another academic year.