Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE attended Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Programme

A lifelong learner, Dr Bragagni continues to dedicate time from his busy agenda to further enrich his knowledge of contemporary business. He successfully completed the Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Programme on Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies, which run for 6 weeks online.

Participating in this program has provided Dr Bragagni with an excellent opportunity to further strengthen his knowledge on how to manage and lead a sustainable business by incorporating circular economy principles into Tratos’ strategy to support sustainable growth and circular economy.

So far experience in leading Tratos’s transformation into a more sustainable business has shown that measuring whether a company is operating sustainably or pursuing sustainability can be challenging.

The three Ps framework—People, Planet and Profit—goes beyond the traditional measures of profit, return on investment and shareholder value to include environmental and social dimensions.

This programme has been designed to help business professionals understand the growing business case for sustainable solutions and what the future of business looks like with sustainability in mind. 

As a participant in this programme, Dr Bragagni has explored this framework and learned more about how each of the parameters and their related variables aids in the measurement of sustainability goals.