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Featured panel speaker at the CRU Wire & Cable 2024 Conference in Amsterdam

In continuation of many years of tradition, the CRU Wire & Cable 2024  Conference, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 24-26 June 2024, brought together the international wire and cable community for a frank exchange of views and perspectives on the wire and cable industry. The conference primarily discussed the crucial role of wire and cable manufacturers in shaping the future of power generation, renewable energy, electrification, and the evolution of power grids.

I was invited as a featured speaker on the panel  “Europe’s Urbanisation and Net Zero Economy Drive. What are the opportunities for subsea and land interconnections, and the use of HV, EHV and HVDC cables.” I shared with the participants my experience of transforming Tratos into a leader in the cable manufacturing industry helping other companies towards achieving net zero goals and transitioning to renewables and smart grid connections.

I stressed Europe’s rapid urbanization and commitment to a net-zero economy create substantial opportunities for connecting underwater and land-based energy infrastructure using high-voltage (HV), extra-high-voltage (EHV), and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables. These technologies can help meet the growing energy needs, integrate renewable energy sources, improve market competition, and lower energy prices. However, challenges such as high investment costs, complex permitting processes, public acceptance, and grid integration must be addressed to realise these opportunities fully.

At the same time, I emphasised the point of view from Tratos, that to overcome challenges we need to focus on another source of energy: fusion, a promising alternative energy source that aims to replicate the process that powers the sun and stars. Fusion promises limitless energy and recent technological advances have opened the prospects of making the nuclear fusion experiment closer to its commercialisation and more fit to the actual needs for energy.

I am proud of my legacy at Tratos, an innovation-driven company, which is well-positioned to continue its leadership on sustainability matters and innovation in the cable-making industry. By supplying superconductors to ITER, Tratos is ready to build on its achievements and continue driving positive change in the cable-making industry to revolutionize the energy sector.

For more information, you can check out my presentation at CRU 2024, which was based on this reference list.