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IEC Lean Mobility Project

On behalf of the IEC Market Strategy Board, I recently led the project to launch a new interactive website which explores the topic of mobility. Using a future approach, the website presents three scenarios – authority, people and technology –  to better understand how mobility could evolve when considered alongside sustainability and society.

The innovative element of this project, which distinguishes it from the previous ones, is the opportunity for everyone to generate a conversation within the IEC community and beyond. The IEC does its best to develop new strategies based on the consideration of different scenarios and their expected development. However, it is crucial for everyone to think about the future in terms of expectations, wishes and readiness. That is why we have provided space on the website to offer suggestions to the IEC on how it can tackle these scenarios.

Our future is closer than we think and it is crucial to not be left behind and become irrelevant. For example, this project was planned in 2019, launched in 2021, and although the scenarios were presented as hypothetical, they turned out to be reality. During these years, many of our planes have been grounded and most city-centres have now become limited traffic areas. In some way, the scenarios we thought about only two years ago are now already in the past. 

In order to keep up with technological advances and general improvements, and consequently develop appropriate strategies to face modern challenges, we have extended our conversation to everyone, hoping that those who would not have normally participated in IEC activities can contribute with their valuable insights. We have created a space for everyone to engage with IEC and think about what the world to come will be like. 

I urge you all to share your ideas, insights and expectations on the future of mobility. It is fundamental that we all become aware of the fast-growing world we live in, and collectively innovate and act. This conversation is not only for the experts and the consumer groups: it involves all of us, every single individual. Because it is each individual’s future, and each individual can actively tackle the challenges posed by growth and progress by sharing their inputs and ensuring that IEC establishes and promotes the appropriate strategies. 

-Maurizio Bragagni-