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Joining the CRU Wire & Cable 2023  Conference in  Hamburg as a panellist

On 21 June 2023, I joined the CRU Wire & Cable 2023 Conference as a speaker on the panel  “Deep dive into managing cost inflation”. My presentation was focused on key growth markets and emerging trends in 2023, cost drivers in the European wire and cable industry, strategies for managing supply chain disruptions and volatility, as well as innovations in cost-efficient manufacturing techniques for wire and cable production.

As CEO of Tratos Ltd, I am responsible for managing the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development, and at the CRU conference, I emphasized that sustainability and greening the economy have become increasingly important issues for businesses around the world. After years of dedicated work, I have successfully fostered a culture of sustainable development and innovation within my company. During my presentation, I discussed the methods and practices I employed to instil these principles.

Wire and cable manufacturers, like any other industry, encounter various factors that can affect their profitability. In the European wire and cable industry, there are several noteworthy cost drivers that deserve attention. In my presentation, I elaborated on these key cost drivers and provided recommendations on how to minimize their impact.

Finally, I enjoyed thoroughly engaging with the audience and providing a direct response to any questions on sustainable development and innovation, and on the causes of the current high inflation.

You may download a copy of my presentation.