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Privileged to serve another term at the PEMA Board

I’m pleased and eager to begin another term as a Board Member of the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA). Previously, I served as the Vice President of PEMA. The elections occurred during PEMA’s Annual General Meeting from April 9th to 11th, 2024 in Killarney, Ireland. The event took place near Liebherr’s manufacturing facilities, which were also visited by the attendees.

My re-election to the PEMA Board emphasizes the increasing significance of PEMA in the cable-making industry. It also confirms that my expertise in leading Tratos and our company itself has proven valuable to PEMA members. Tratos has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the association. We have made various contributions to the board and committees, and we have hosted two previous PEMA AGMs in London and Tuscany.

This year’s AGM marked the 20th anniversary of the Association and it was attended by more than 160 delegates and marked a record of more than 130 members from all around the world. 

About PEMA

Founded in late 2004, PEMA serves as a vital platform for global port equipment and technology sectors. Dedicated to recognizing their pivotal role in creating safe, secure, sustainable, and high-performing ports, PEMA actively facilitates international maritime trade. It remains the main global independent association for the port supply chain and related technologies.

In pursuit of its objectives, PEMA also endeavours to foster and support the equipment and technology industries on a worldwide scale. To achieve this, the association focuses on raising awareness among media outlets, customers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, PEMA actively cultivates relationships with fellow port industry associations and entities, contributing to collaborative initiatives aimed at sharing best practices and driving industry advancements.