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Chartered Director

Dr Bragagni is a fellow member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) and has achieved the Chartered Director status. In order to get this qualification, he followed a long path. Today, he exercises the role of manager according to the IoD Code of Professional Conduct.

There are only around 1,6000 Chartered Directors worldwide, and on May 2021 they were joined by the head of the Merseyside independent cable manufacturer, Dr Maurizio Bragagni.

International businessman, Dr Maurizio Bragagni MBA, has reached the Institute of Directors’ highest accolade – chartered director status, and, with it, life membership and a place as a Fellow of the Institute.

IoD is the only institute in the world to offer the Royal Charter qualification. With it, Dr Bragagni joins a small and exclusive community of those acknowledged as the world’s best directors.  The qualification process involves close investigation and analysis of applicants’ board performances and is backed with an intense 2-hour interview.  Candidates first have to gain the IoD’s certificate and diploma before offering up a portfolio of board experience for close scrutiny.

To be a Chartered Director does not only means this. It also means being involved in a never-ending educational process. Dr Bragagni strongly believes in continuous education and has never stopped training himself and his employees on the new challenges of the present and of the future. The institute of directors has developed the so called CPD ( Continuing Professionals Development), which involves periodically mandatory courses, training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and ideas sharing, all focused on an individual to improve and have effective professional development. The Chartered directors are subject to continuous tests and certifications under the survey of the IOD.

To verify whether an individual bears the certification of the IoD as “Chartered Director”, it is useful to check the Chartered Director Alumni page on the IoD website. For example, under the country “England”, you can find the “City of London Branch” where Maurizio Bragagni’s name can be found among the other chartered directors of the City of London.

Download Dr Maurizio Bragagni’s Chartered Director Appointment Certeficate.