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Frog Kissing and Revolving Door Politics

First 100 Days Starts with a Non-Start for Italy’s Governance
An alliance between the far-right League and populist 5 Star Movement — long touted as the most likely solution to leading the country — squared up to its first test, and was found wanting.

Brexit, Business and a Better Britain

Anglo Italian relationship during the History. We have found is that this synergy between the Italian immigrants and the British people has always produced great results. In Great Britain and in Italy, the people have always admired one another; the United Kingdom has looked to Italy for culture and history, and Italy has looked to Great Britain for its foreword fairness and its pragmatic approach to problems. Throughout history there have been numerous examples of this combination, this mutual esteem and respect. In other words, when these two countries, these two nations, these two cultures, worked together in synergy they have produced astounding, important results not only for the two countries themselves, but for humanity.