Dr Maurizio Bragagni is passionate about spreading out positive energy by actively participating in several initiatives and projects.

Reform the CO2 tax

While the global community is actively searching for new ways to achieve sustainable development, resolved to perform an economic system reset, and determined to a green recovery, why don’t we try to reform the taxing system? A right taxation system could help recover quickly and achieve a green recovery of the global economy.

University of Bolton Crest logo - Maurizio Bragagni

Bolton University’s Institute of Management

President & Vice-Chancellor of Bolton University George E Holmes DL awarded the Italian-born British entrepreneur and Honorary Consul for San Marino Dr Maurizio Bragagni as Visiting Professor of Leadership at the Institute of Management of the Bolton University.

City University of London – Bayes Business School

Dr Maurizio Bragagni is honoured to be appointed Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow of The Bayes Business School, City University of London.

Department of International Trade (DIT)

Dr Maurizio Bragagni has been appointed by the Secretary of State of International Trade to be a member of the Trade Advisory Group (TAG).


Founded on the principle of “giving back to society”, Esharelife Foundation is a charity with one mission – to share life in the digital era. Its ultimate goal is to create new, and support existing opportunities, for people living in the most disadvantaged areas of the world; to lift themselves out of poverty by empowering them to build a path toward a self-sufficient future.

Safer Structures

The Safer Structures Campaign, a body led by Tratos, is urging the Government to raise the safety standards of cables in homes and buildings across the country.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

Dr Bragagni is a member of IEC- International Electrotechnical Commission, and of the MSB-Market Strategy Board, composed of 15 top-level technology officers appointed from leading industries all over the world.

Regent University

Dr Maurizio Bragagni is appointed by the Secretary of State of Education to serve as Chair of the Board of Governors of the Regent College London.

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of San Marino in the UK

In his noble capacity as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of San Marino to the UK, appointed by the Republic of San Marino in November 2019, Dr Bragagni has been working diligently to promote the best interest of the Republic to the UK.

Tratos Group

Tratos UK Ltd is a United Kingdom cable manufacturer with its head office and main sales office in London and its manufacturing and technical facilities at two sites in Knowsley, Merseyside. 


In addition to his successful business career, journalism is what fulfils Maurizio’s passion for driving positive changes in our society.  He has written several articles, and books on the importance of education, giving back to society, family business and sustainable development.