Chairman and CEO of Tratos Ltd, the manufacturing division of global cable-maker Tratos Group. Tratos is an innovation-focused European cable innovator with factories in the UK and Italy, offices in five continents and customers worldwide—across power, transport, shipping, communications, oil and gas. 

A sustainability and CSR champion, an insightful and boundary-pushing industry leader and innovation driver, an education and welfare supporter, he is a British citizen passionate about equal opportunities. He is a committed and active philanthropist working to change lives and improve choices for the world’s most disadvantaged people.

He is a highly intelligent and experienced business strategist who understands people, culture and how to affect cultural change within organisations, he has a gift for economic and business foresight and significant entrepreneurial flair.

He understands and is active in politics, is well connected and excels in building relationships, he takes a keen interest in advancing successful outcomes for other businesses and organisations and he is committed—and has the ambition—to do much, much more to support a bright future for UK PLC.


Dr Bragagni observes that we are standing together on the edge of the fourth industrial revolution, and that it’s as much about revolutionary thinking as it is about ground-breaking engineering—the two go together. How to survive? Educate.


Dr Bragagni sits at the head of a global business. It’s a position that offers a constant reminder that we are all international citizens, and, although we are all born equal, more can be done to create chances and choices—and educate to open opportunities.  

Honours & Awards

In his long-lasting career, Dr Maurizio Bragagni has been awarded several Honors & Awards for his active role and engagement for the good of the world society, with particular attention to sustainability and inclusion.

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The story of Dr Maurizio Bragagni’s life and achievements.